NEC (Network Effects Controller)

The NEC is a multi-purpose controller with the following hardware:

  • LCD display and rotary push-button knob for easy user interface
  • SD card slot to hold user generated mapped lighting data and audio files
  • Network port to send lighting data to NDBs and synchronize with other NECs. (IP Network Based System)
  • Single DMX port (2 RJ45 jacks) for sending DMX lighting data or receiving DMX commands.
  • Audio WAV file player and output jack
  • 2 opto-isolated inputs (on RJ45 jacks) for triggering effects via DMX ports
  • Time of day clock to turn on/off automatically
  • Supports 8000 lights spread across up to 16 NDBs. Slave mode increases the systems capacity by adding additional NECs/NDBs together.
  • Art-Net/DDP to DMX and DMX to Art-Net data bridge
  • Easily configure NDBs via the Auto-configure function requiring no PC
  • Over 22 customisable internal effects to be used in a show play list.
  • Multiple Control Modes – Effects Player, Light Show, File Player, Slave Device, Trigger Player, Art-Net to DMX Gateway, DMX to Art-Net Gateway, DMX to DDP Gateway, WAV file Player
  • Firmware update via SD card


The NEC can be set to operate in one of many different modes:

  • Effects Player – Generates lighting effects and plays them.
  • Light Show – Generates light show based on user selected effects and plays.
  • File Player – Plays pre-programed lighting files from SD card. Can play optional WAV sound files at same time.
  • Slave device –  Receives commands (via DDP, Art-Net or DMX) to play internally generated effects, lighting data files on SD card or audio WAV files. This mode is also used when synchronizing multiple NECs.
  • Triggered Player – 2 input triggers can be set to play internal effects, lighting files or WAV files. An idle mode can play a 3rd file or effect.
  • Art-Net to DMX gateway – Receives Art-Net data and sends them out to the DMX port.
  • DMX to Art-Net gateway – Receives DMX data and sends them out as Art-Net data.
  • DMX to DDP gateway – Receives DMX data and sends them out as DDP data.
  • Utility Modes – Auto-Configure NDBs, Reset NEC to factory settings, Update NEC firmware from SD card.

NEC (Network Effects Controller)

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