Spectacular - Cluster Series

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[:id]LED Strip Light Series dari Maxgo merupakan solusi untuk kebutuhan akan desain pencahayaan yang membutuhkan ukuran ringkas, kecerahan tinggi, dan konsumsi daya rendah. Desainnya sangat serbaguna, memungkinkan arsitek, pemilik rumah, bar, restoran, dan lain-lain untuk mewujudkan pencahayaan sesuai imajinasi mereka.[:en]Ideal for the use of outdoor architectural and decorative displays. The net structure with each pixel connected by flexible cables reduces the wind drag. A specially designed power chip was installed in each cluster to ensure that the power is evenly distributed for very large displays. It dramatically simplifies the data connection up to the cable and snap-fit mounting mode. Maxgo built a 9,500 m2 screen, the largest LED screen of the world, with the cluster net for the opening Ceremony of 2010s World expo.[:]